Moonshadow Medical Massage is a North Carolina home grown company, woman owned. We believe that wellness is the prevention of illness. Medical massage comes in a variety of forms. We highly recommend you consider what kind of discomfort you’re experiencing when picking a therapist. Every therapist here is exceptional, each of them have their specialties. There are structural forms of massage that target alignment of the neuromuscular system such as medical massage, sports massage, AIS (active isolated stretching), myoskeletal work or even Rolfing (a form of structural integration). Then there are forms of massage that focus more on the physiological systems, such as oncological massage, helping people recover from the riggers of chemotherapy or massage that helps with fibromyalgia. Please check out our biographies to find which therapist might best suit your needs. Bodywork at Moonshadow Medical is designed to give you the optimal experience in massage, bodywork, and wellness management. Our six therapists have over 70 years of combined experience with a variety of training backgrounds to help, ease tension, improve structural resilience, promote healing, restore and maintain wellness in your body.


 Medical                               Sports
~Medical Massage               ~Sports Massage             ~Rolfing                               ~Rolfing
~Deep Tissue                      ~Trigger Point
  Stress Reduction                      ~Swedish Massage
  ~ Aromatherapy
  ~ Hot Stone Massage
~ Pregnancy Massage
     (Pre and Postnatal)
~ Seated Chair Massage*











*On-site chair massages for businesses, corporations and special events. Click here to connect for more information.

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