Lisa Barr

LMBT (NC License No. 4755)
photo_lisaLisa Barr has been a licensed massage therapist since 2004 when she graduated from Caldwell Community College. In her basic training she learned pregnancy, sports, deep tissue, and Swedish massage. Since then she has taken continuing education in Trigger Point, Hot Stone and Shiatsu therapies.

She received her Medical Certification in 2008 through the Ralph Stephen’s program taught at the Body Therapy Institute in Siler City. Since then she has also taken continuing education in a Nerve mobility workshop by John Martinez. Today, her primary focus is to bring people out of crisis.

Lisa specializes in helping clients with tension headaches, thoracic outlet, carpal tunnel and sciatica symptoms.

In her thirst for more knowledge of the human body she became a Certified Rolfer and Certified Rolf Movement practitioner after graduating from the Brazilian school of Rolfing in May of 2013. She has also taken continuing education in the Rossiter system and is in the process of completing her Rossiter certification. She is continuing to take classes to obtain her advanced training at the Rolfing Institute and has already completed the Spinal Mechanics workshop with Jim Asher. To find out more about Lisa and Rolfing please visit her personal page at:The Chronic Pain Solution

Cynthia Hales-Kepley

LMBT (NC License No. 8111)
cynthia-150Cynthia graduated from Miller-Motte College’s massage therapy certification program in April 2008. She is also certified in Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage through Claire Marie Miller’s “Nurturing the Mother” series. Prior to her massage therapy training, Cynthia earned a B.S. in Public Health from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, with a concentration in Health Policy and Administration.

Her specialties include; Medical massage, Deep Tissue, Pregnancy (Pre-Natal and Post-Natal) Massage; Sports Massage; Reflexology; Swedish Massage; and On-site Chair Massage.

Having worked in both traditional office environments and as a stay-at-home parent, Cynthia has a strong interest in helping clients address the postural effects of everyday activities such as computer work, carrying young children, and frequent driving/commuting.

Melissa Larsen

LMBT (NC License No. 13080)

Melissa is a licensed Massage and Bodyworker in North Carolina. She has trained and received certification in Medical Massage, Pre/Postnatal Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and MyoSkeletal Alignment Therapy. She is also an IASTM Practitioner with RocTape/RockBlade® and also offers Hot Stone with Swedish upon request.

Please contact her for off-site chair massage at corporate offices in order to work on your employees, to provide relief and boost morale by decreasing stress and tension. Today’s workforce is seeing an increase of “tech-neck” and upper cross syndrome among computer users. She is especially good at problem solving biomechanical issues.

Her style of massage is a fusion of several techniques that she tailors to the client’s needs for each session. As well as being a natural talent, Melissa is versed in the technical aspect of massage and has a comprehensive understanding of the human musculoskeletal system.

Our bodies communicate to us clearly and specifically, if we are willing to listen. ~Shakti Gawain


Steve Kramer

LMBT (NC License No. 12083)

Steven Kramer has been a licensed massage therapist since 1991 following his graduation from Self Health School of Medical Massage of Lebanon, Ohio. He spent the last 20 years in his solo therapeutic massage practice in Carmel, Indiana. He is licensed to practice massage therapy in Ohio, Indiana and North Carolina.

Steve’s training is based in medical massage and his continued training incorporates into his work myoskeletal alignment techniques, active isolated stretching, deep tissue and trigger point massage, and myofascial release. He is certified in orthopedic massage and assessment, Myoskeletal Alignment Techniques and as an Active Isolated Stretching Practitioner and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

Steve focuses his work on the use of massage for pain reduction, structural re-alignment, injury recovery, and maximizing athletic performance and injury prevention. Steve is interested in helping people with structural dysfunction from everyday activities as well as their participation in sports. Modern lifestyles whether active or inactive(sdentary) can lead to pain issues in the body. Steve’s therapies address these issues.

Steve likes playing golf, continuing his studies of golf biomechanics and fitness, power walking, riding his bike, and loves good food.


Holly Menard
(LMBT NC License No. 1068)


Holly graduated from Carolina School of Massage in 1995.  Reiki training was her introduction to an awareness of energy and bodywork.  From there she was led to incorporate massage.  Her training included: Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports massage. Joint Mobilization and Reflexology   Since then she’s studied somatic bodywork, taken Trager Movement Re-education classes and Oncology massage.  Most recently she’s taking online                                                      classes in Acupressure.

She has a BS in Nursing from the University of Rhode Island and worked in a variety of settings.  Her most rewarding experience as an RN was working as a chemotherapy nurse on a cutting edge cancer clinical research unit at Duke University Medical Center.  Little did Holly know that she would, years later, return to caring for individuals journeying with cancer as an oncology massage therapist.  At the time she was in school, massage was a contraindication for anyone with cancer.  Thankfully, with specialized training and hands on supervision, oncology massage is accepted as a safe and effective complimentary therapy.  Holly has received over 100 hours of training and hands on supervision.  She’s treated 100’s of patients in all phases of treatment including end of life.
Holly is grateful to join team at  Moonshadow Medical Massage.  She will be offering an integration of therapies as a result of many years of practice and experience.
Her specialties include:  Oncology massage, Reiki, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports massage and Reflexology .
Holly enjoys spending time with her Sheltie, hiking, yoga, meditation, travel, singing.
She’s passionate about respecting the environment, building community and making the most of every moment.

Kelly Giglio

(LMBT NC License No. 16705)

As a graduate of the Utah College of Massage Therapy I have connected with the insightful and ever-expanding realm of healing and wellness. I strongly believe that our physical, emotional and mental bodies want to live harmoniously, but that sometimes we just need a little help getting back to that beautiful state of balance.
I enjoy using Trigger Point Therapy and Deep Tissue massage to reduce pain, hot stones and Aromatherapy to promote relaxation, Gua Sha and Fire Cupping to encourage the body to let go of trauma and old injuries. Currently, I am further pursuing certifications in Cranial Sacral Therapy as well as Doula services. I am licensed to massage in Utah, North Carolina and California.
When I’m not massaging I am usually walking or hiking with my dog, getting lost with my camera, or making mood enhancing jewelry and home care goods.