Oftentimes, what others think of us usually rings louder than what we often think of ourselves. In that light we share the following quotes from those who know us best. Some of the quotes were taken from our most recent survey; for privacy, we didn’t ask for their names; and for modesty we have left out the names of our therapists.

I have had the opportunity to refer patients to Christi . . . and have had excellent response with the massage that she is able to provide my patients. Chiropractic medicine and massage work very well together, and the success we share with patient improvement is a true testimony.   — Dr. Todd Staker, DC

This is the best massage I have ever received! I have Parkinson’s Disease and that accounts for my muscle spasms and tightening of my tendons, etc. The massage therapist at Moonshadow does an awesome job that enables me to still have a quality life! Thank you, Lisa!

Besides a high-quality massage, the best part of your business is the “clock” starts once the massage starts and ends after the full-time. Most places start the timer when I pull into the parking lot — it would seem.

I’ve been seeing Cynthia for over a year now to help with rotator cuff and she’s kept me from having surgery all this time. The maximum time I can go without seeing her is 3 weeks. Wish I could go more often and wish insurance covered it. surely less costly than surgeon, anesthesiologist and hosp stay!! Cynthia is very professional and knows exactly how to work her magic on painful body.

I leave (Moonshadow) with a feeling of overall improved wellness!

It’s nice, quiet, relaxing. I always feel comfortable when I walk in. I feel welcomed.

Fabulous massage therapist. Melissa is extremely knowledgeable and gives an excellent massage. She offers suggestions for exercises and stretches to help with problem muscular issues and she always has a smile!

(The therapists) are warm and caring.  And the space is beautiful.

Best massage I’ve had.